Who needs a $100 ping pong paddle???

I spent four years in a college dormitory with a ping-pong table down the hall. I spent much of it taking on challenges from other students where I'd use any available implement. It's all in fun - some people take the game too seriously. Iíve beaten people at table tennis using 

I once beat someone in front of an audience (in college) using a book as a racket, with a coffee mug full nearly to the top with hot chocolate in my free hand, a pet gerbil in my shirt pocket, and a book balanced on my head. If the book dropped (I wasnít allowed to touch it), if I spilled any hot chocolate (I wasnít allowed to drink it to lower its level), or if the gerbil lost contact with me at any time (he was well trained, fortunately), I lost the point. (I lost a rematch, under the same rules except I also had to stand on one foot.)   

I played and won against a reporter using his mini-tape recorder as a racket, with the tape running, and gave play by play throughout the points.

Iíve rallied using 

It is my lifeís dream to beat someone with a frozen fish. 

-Larry Hodges

P.S. But it's all in good fun!

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